3 Ways to Make Your Marriage Unique

Lucky us…a guest post by Marie Mckinney!

You chose Bridal Bliss Team because of their commitment to creating a wedding that is as unique as you are.  They are filled with ideas on how to make sure everything from your wedding registry to the ring ceremony unique and personalized to you. These ladies have skills.

I like to think that this uniqueness should extend to your entire marriage, not just your wedding day! Today I’m sharing three ways you can zig when other couples zag.

Decorate your bedroom together
Think of your bedroom as the physical representation of your marriage.  In your marriage and your bedroom you should feel safe, comfortable, and able to truly relax. More importantly, make this a project you both participate in.  As the woman, you may end up decorating every other inch of your home, but make a point to get your spouse’s feedback when it comes to the bedroom.  Many couples will decide to “just let the other one handle it” when it comes to projects because it’s easier that way.  Don’t settle for easy.  Be unique and make at least one area in your home a shared project.

Listen more than you talk
But how will they know what you’re thinking if you don’t talk?  Or complain?  Or nag?  Most couples insist on having the last word.  Instead, do things differently and insist on listening more than you speak.  Especially during an argument.

Say thank you everyday
Most couples quit saying thank you after the 3rd date.  We get used to our partner being around and begin to just expect them to meet our needs, instead of being thankful for having a loving and caring partner.  Be unique and take time every day to focus on the gift that your fiancee is.

Marie McKinney Oates, M.M.F.T. is the founder of the Marriage Studio and a relationship coach in Nashville, TN.  She created the DIY Marriage Plan as a way to provide couples with in-depth marriage prep without having to talk to a stranger or even leave the couch!

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